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Beltane Celebration

Beltane 2020

This year's abbreviated main ritual, with a message from your Royals.

Posted by Beltane Southwest on Saturday, May 2, 2020

In light of COVID-19 concerns, the Pagan community in New Mexico came together to put together a small but beautiful Beltane celebration for the community to enjoy online.  Beltane Southwest is a nonprofit organization that puts on one of the biggest annual Pagan festivals in New Mexico.


The Witch’s Pyramid

May 29th, 7:00 – 9:00pm MDT on Zoom
$10 with the code SPRINGBUNNY

This tool illuminates the heart of magick and the qualities every Witch needs to practice: “Knowledge as a base of stone. Will to call the thing my own. Imagination helps to see. Faith to know that it will be. Silence knows what’s best to hide. Love will fill the space inside. Spirit binds them all as one; So the magick has begun.” Join Azrael Arynn K in exploring deeper truths of the Pyramid, and assessing your own readiness for the Work.  To register, sign up here,


Witches & Wiccans Respond to COVID-19

In an effort to help their community, Everglades Moon Local Council has put together a page of non-medical resources that may help you get through this phase of the virus.  It has everything from how to make masks to Witchy media to consume, even a round-up of some really great podcasts! Click here for those resources, and feel free to let us know of any you feel we should add!

Now go wash your hands, wipe down your phone, and text your friends and family.


Reaching for the Moon PodcastReach for the Moon

It’s the 60th episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the witches of Everglades Moon Local Council.

Within their Beltane, 2020 podcast, you will find:

  • Music: “Brownie Song” by Mama Gina, from her albumUndertaker’s Daughter
  • Stars By Joseph Aequitas brings us another round of amazing astrological teachings! Book a personal reading from him via email at “starsbyjoseph@gmail.com”
  • Pandie’s Pagan Projects where we dye fabric using ice (yes, ice!)
  • Prayers for the Dead Rayna Templebee interviews Byron Ballard, Asheville’s Village Witch, about her “Prayer for the Dead” which has become very popular during this crisis.
  • Music: “Free the Heart” by Crow Women, from their album, “Crow Women


Magick for Living in Interesting Times

June 5th, 7:00 – 9:00pm MDT on Zoom
$10 with the code SPRINGBUNNY

As Wiccans, we know that Life is change, but our world is experiencing cataclysmic change in our environment and our shared humanity that will likely alter life as we know it forever.  It isn’t possible to live in the world and not experience fear, anxiety, despair, grief, and anger at the injustice, the senseless death, the prejudice and inhumanity, and the destruction of the environment we see around us.  But we must remember that the forest fire both destroys and brings new growth.  This class will be a discussion of tools for surviving, staying centered, and acting as conduits for positive change in this age of transformation.  Register here.


Magick & Myths of the Scottish Highlands

June 12th, 7:00 – 9:00pm MDT on Zoom
$10 with the code SPRINGBUNNY

See Skara Brae Neolithic village, castle ruins at Urquhart and Dun Scaith, the stone circle of Callanish and the Ring of Brodgar, traditional storytellers, the Crannog Center, Loch Ness, Diana’s Grove at Blair Atholl, faery glens, the Clootie Well on the Black Isle, and more.  Join Amber and Azrael as you learn about Scottish folklore: selkies and the Faery Folk, sacred wells and water horses, lake monsters and spectral black hounds.