Interfaith Connections

The Covenant of the Goddess is proud to support positive interfaith relationships.  Our representatives are members of various interfaith organizations and they are actively engaged in many exciting and innovative activities.  They are volunteers who serve as a matter of personal conviction.  Each representative works at her or his own direction, according to personal opportunities, resources and interests.  These volunteer representatives comprise the membership of our Interfaith Committee, and rely primarily upon personal finances to fund their activities.  For more information about CoG’s interfaith activities, visit CoG Interfaith Reports.

2019-2020 National Interfaith Representatives

Andrea Kendall — Southern California Local Council
Don Frew — Northern California Local Council

M. Macha NightMare — Northern California Local Council
Rachael Watcher — Northern California Local Council

Rowan Fairgrove — Northern California

Here are just some of the organizations our members are involved with:


Parliament of the World's ReligionsParliament of the World’s Religions


Interfaith Center at the Presidio


Chaplaincy Institute - logoThe Chaplaincy Institute

United Religions InitiativeSpace
United Religions Initiative


Adocentyn Research Library

ICAN - logoInterfaith Climate Action Network (ICAN) part of Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (ICCCC)


Interfaith Council of Greater Portland - logoInterfaith Council of Greater Portland



Links to writings from the National Interfaith Representatives:

Interfaith Observer - logo

From The Interfaith Observer’s January 2019 Issue on “Embracing Compassion:”
Compassion Under Extreme Duress by Rachael Watcher

From The Interfaith Observer’s May 2018 issue on “Who Isn’t at the Interfaith Table:”
Hearing the Interfaith Voices Least Often Heard by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s November 2017 issue on “Interfaith in Africa:”
A Pagan’s Adventures in Egypt by Don Frew

The Interfaith Observer’s July 2106 issue on “Featuring Don Frew”
The editor says: “Few in the world have been more deeply connected with the interfaith world than Don Frew, who all the while provides significant leadership in his own community, going through as many changes as any other religious tradition.”

From The Interfaith Observer’s February 2015 Issue on “Indiginous Spirituality in the Modern World:”
What Is Indigeniety? by Gus DiZerega
The Finer Points of Getting to Know You by Rachael Watcher
Saving Pagan Lives by Don Frew
Doctrine, Ritual, and Spiritual Development by Rachael Watcher
When Nature Talks Back by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s December 2014 Issue on “Returning Sacred Texts to the Yezidis:”
Finding Light in the Midst of “Devil-worshippers” by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s November 2013 Issue on “Interfaith Gifts:”
The Rudiments of My Neopagan Spiritual Practice by Don Frew
A Different Approach to Deity by Rachael Watcher

From The Interfaith Observer’s June 2013 Issue on “Religion and Climate Change:”
The Silence of the Earth by Gus diZerega

From The Interfaith Observer’s June 2012 Issue on “The Complexities of Dialogue:”
Bridge-building – the Hard Lessons by Rachael Watcher
“Interfaith 3.0” from the Outside by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s April 2012 Issue on “Emerging Interfaith Voices II:”
Global Gathering of Indigenous and Pagan Elders by Rachael Watcher

From The Interfaith Observer’s March 2012 Issue on “Emerging Interfaith Voices I:”
Wiccans, Indigenous Peoples, and the Interfaith Movement by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s January 2012 Issue on “Meaning Making:”
When Wiccans & Evangelical Christians Become Friends by Don Frew

From The Interfaith Observer’s September 2011 Issue on “Deepening Interfaith Dialogue:”
Guidelines for Engaging in Productive Interfaith Dialogue by Don Frew

Don Frew wrote a guest piece for Gus’ Patheos blog that might be of some interest:

And on a non-interfaith, but academic note, they might also be interested in Don Frew’s Ethnologies article reprinted on Patheos:

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