What’s Happening Around COG


It’s our 45th Anniversary!

In anticipation of our 45th Anniversary, we are  requesting anecdotal stories from our members about the beginnings of CoG. These stories will be posted throughout our digital media and shared at our 45th Anniversary Party!!!  We want to share the life and times of CoG and the development of this amazing organization since its inception in 1975.  Please send your stories to PIO@COG.ORG



How to Celebrate a Traditional Samhain

Friday, Oct. 23, 2020 at 6 – 8 PT / 7 – 9 MT / 8 – 10 CT / 9 – 11 ET
Cost: $10 with code Springbunny

It’s the night we remember our ancestors and beloved dead, and communicate through the veil between the worlds… the night of the Third Harvest, as the flocks and herds are thinned and we prepare for a hard winter.  Join Amber K to discuss how our ancestors marked this sacred time, and how you can do the same.  We will look at ways to honor and remember the 800,000 who have passed this year due to Covid-19, and how we can prepare ourselves and our community for a hard winter in this changing world.  Samhain is almost here, and more great challenges will ensue. Together, let us be ready.  Register for this Zoom event here.


Remembering Our Ancestors

Friday, Oct. 30, 2020 6 – 8 PT / 7 – 9 MT / 8 – 10 CT / 9 – 11 ET

A Samhain Eve Sharing Circle.  As the veil thins between the worlds, let us gather and share memories and stories of those who have passed.  These may be family members and relatives, more distant ancestors, people who have died in the pandemic, victims of shootings near and far, or even whole ecosystems and wildlife populations that have succumbed to climate change.  Share your stories of your beloved dead, or those you did not know personally, but for whom your heart grieves.  This event will be a version of the ancient “Dumb (silent) Supper,” though it is not required that you prepare food for the dead.  To register for this Zoom event, sign up online at ardantane.org


CoG 45th Anniversary Party

Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020 at 3:00 PT / 4:00 MT / 5:00 CT / 6:00 ET  FREE

This virtual event is open to all CoG Members, Friends of CoG and the Public.  Join us to share stories, memories and have a Witchy time as we celebrate CoG’s 45th Anniversary!  Wear your best Witchy Garb and Bling and have a SPOOKtacular time!  There will be Costume Prizes, Guest Speakers, cool stuff up for grabs, music, and networking all Emcee’d by CoG’s very own First Officer, Lord Verderius!  There will be TOASTING and BOASTING, so drop in anytime! You never know who might drop in!  You don’t have to be a witch to join, EVERYONE is WELCOME!!!  Please register in advance for this Facebook Live Event


Everyday Magick

Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 at 6pm – 8pm PT / 7 – 9 MT / 8 – 9 CT / 9 – 11 ET
Fee: $25 (Only $10 with code SPRINGBUNNY)

We all have challenges and problems in life, but sometimes forget to use the magickal powers and skills at our fingertips.  Join three rockin’ witches (Amber, Azrael, and Bridget) for tools, tips, and techniques of practical magick (thaumaturgy) that will help you be healthier, make your job easier, magickally makeover your home, and generally accomplish more and have more fun in life.


Wednesday with Witches

Every 1st Wednesday 5:30 PM PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET

Join us via ZOOM to engage in conversation with Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans from all over to discuss topics that we all care about.  Bring your snacks, drinks, and come join us!  Please email pio@cog.org for info or the ZOOM link to register.



Reaching for the Moon PodcastReach for the Moon

It’s the 62nd episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the witches of Everglades Moon Local Council.  Missing live workshops?  Let their Lammas episode scratch that itch. 

The Lammas 2020 podcast brings you a song workshop done by the Crow Women at MerryMeet in New Mexico.  This unedited version of the workshop is just as you hear it, with all the “people” noises that you expect from being in a live workshop with a roomful of folks, who talk and laugh and sing together, sometimes all at once!  If you’re missing your live interaction with peeps, this will help.:-)


Ravens at the Crossroads

Hosted by MistressPrime and Tyler Matthews

Ravens at the Crossroads podcast was conceived during a conversation between our two hosts while discussing the recent loss of a Pagan elder. They realized the stories of our community, especially of our elders, were being lost and forgotten. In an effort to preserve many of those stories the podcast was created.


Witches & Wiccans Respond to COVID-19

In an effort to help their community, Everglades Moon Local Council has put together a page of non-medical resources that may help you get through this phase of the virus.  It has everything from how to make masks to Witchy media to consume, even a round-up of some really great podcasts! Click here for those resources, and feel free to let us know of any you feel we should add!

Now go wash your hands, wipe down your phone, and text your friends and family.SPACE