What’s Happening Around COG


Astrological Seminar, Libra Ingress

Friday, Sep. 18, 2020 6-8 pm PT / 7-9 MT / 8-10 CT / 9-11 ET
Ardantane Members FREE; all others $10 with code: SPRINGBUNNY

Join Moonbeam Mage for the another in a series of monthly discussions on what awaits us astrologically. Tonight she will explore the Sun entering Libra. In uncertain times, the better we understand the energies of our cosmos, the more easily we can navigate the immediate future. Register here.



Magickal Mountain Mabon

Friday, Sep. 18, 2020 4:30 pm PT / 5:30 MT / 6:30 CT / 7:30 ET
Saturday, Sep. 19, 2020  9:00 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET
Fee: $10 (payment can be made to www.paypal.me/ChamisaLC)

Sponsored by Chamisa Local Council, this year’s Magickal Mountain Mabon will be a two day virtual event featuring a Mabon ritual on Friday; and 5 workshops, a drum circle, the Ardantane auction and another Mabon ritual on Saturday!

Registration is limited to 100, so register early! Please be sure that the email you use for registration matches your payment email!!!



Witches Brew Party

Sunday, Sep. 20, 2020 5 pm PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET

We’re having a Witches Brew Party for Women’s Friendship Day!  Join us to share witchy brews, teas, drinks and some fun and laughter!  Bring your best recipes and wear your best Witchy Garb.  You don’t have to be a woman to join, EVERYONE is WELCOME!!!

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Mastering Magickal Energy

Friday, Sep. 25, 2020 6-8 pm PT / 7-9 MT / 8-10 CT / 9-11 ET
FEE: Ardantane Members FREE; all others $10 with code: SPRINGBUNNY

Defending yourself against unwanted energy isn’t about putting up walls it is about learning to swim through the energy around you.  All you need to raise and manipulate magical energy is your body.  Join Pagan Author and founder of the Order of Paladins, Kerr Cuhulain, who will introduce you to magickal energy, giving you sensitivity to your own energy as well as the energy around you.  By the end of this course you’ll be able to move, block and ground magickal energy.  This course encapsulates the basic energy training taught by Kerr’s Order of Paladins.  Register here.

  • Hour One: Methods of blocking and warding magickal energy. Learning how and when to ward.
  • Hour Two: Methods of grounding magickal energy. Developing the ability to bring your energy back into balance using any of the elemental energies.


Seeing Futures: An Intro to Divination

Saturday, Sep. 26, 2020 6-8 pm PT / 79 MT / 8-10 CT / 9-11 ET
$25 Includes handouts (Beaver Bucks are welcome)

Can we know the future?  Our destinies are not cast in stone, but we can at least divine trends and probabilities before making important life choices.  Join master diviners Amber K and Azrael for a two-hour introduction to the whys and wherefores of divination.  Sample several forms of divination, and get tips on creating your own personalized system.  We will look at astrology, the Tarot (gestalt method), runes, oracles, casting stones and bones, radiesthesia (pendulum work), and the I Ching.


Witch’s Toolbox 2020

Tuesdays, Sep 29 – Oct 27 6 – 8 pm PT / 7-9 MT / 8-10 CT / 9-11 ET
Fee: $100

The Witch’s Toolbox is an annual series with different topics each year, exploring essential skills in Witch/Wiccan spiritual practice with highly experienced priestesses and priests.  The program will include presentation, experiential exercises, and discussion.  There will be downloadable handouts with key information.  This live online class will be on Zoom; you will have the chance to ask questions of the presenter and interact with other students.  Directions on how to connect will be sent to you once you register.

  • Pentacles & Chalices (Sep 29 – Amber/Az):  Learn the uses of the Pentacle and Chalice, and especially how they work in protection and healing magick, from two elders who have practiced the Craft for more than 70 years total.
  • Wands & Athames (Oct 6 – Amber/Az):  Learn the uses of the Wand and Athame from the authors of True Wand Magick: Desire, Will, and Focus.  Explore why they are part of the basic Witch’s tools, and how they can be used in powerful personal magick.
  • Grounding & Centering (Oct 13 – Kerr):  Kerr leads you through the principles of mastering the manipulation of energy and grounding to all of the elements.
  • Celebrating the Sabbats (Oct 20 – Rowan/Bridget):  Sabbats can be celebrated in many ways, from simple personal or family rituals to large, elaborate ceremonies.  This class will focus on designing your own rituals for celebrating the various Sabbats.
  • Altar Design (Oct 27 – Rowan/Falco):  The class will cover those items that are traditionally used on a Wiccan or Pagan altar, and how to arrange them in ways that are beautiful, effective and emotionally engaging.


Wednesday with Witches

Every 1st Wednesday 5:30 PM PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET

Join us via ZOOM to engage in conversation with Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans from all over to discuss topics that we all care about.  Bring your snacks, drinks, and come join us!  Please email pio@cog.org for info or the ZOOM link to register.



Reaching for the Moon PodcastReach for the Moon

It’s the 62nd episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the witches of Everglades Moon Local Council.  Missing live workshops?  Let their Lammas episode scratch that itch. 

The Lammas 2020 podcast brings you a song workshop done by the Crow Women at MerryMeet in New Mexico.  This unedited version of the workshop is just as you hear it, with all the “people” noises that you expect from being in a live workshop with a roomful of folks, who talk and laugh and sing together, sometimes all at once!  If you’re missing your live interaction with peeps, this will help.:-)


Ravens at the Crossroads

Hosted by MistressPrime and Tyler Matthews

Ravens at the Crossroads podcast was conceived during a conversation between our two hosts while discussing the recent loss of a Pagan elder. They realized the stories of our community, especially of our elders, were being lost and forgotten. In an effort to preserve many of those stories the podcast was created.


Witches & Wiccans Respond to COVID-19

In an effort to help their community, Everglades Moon Local Council has put together a page of non-medical resources that may help you get through this phase of the virus.  It has everything from how to make masks to Witchy media to consume, even a round-up of some really great podcasts! Click here for those resources, and feel free to let us know of any you feel we should add!

Now go wash your hands, wipe down your phone, and text your friends and family.SPACE