What’s Happening Around COG (calendar)

February 2021

No Events

In our Samhain, 2020 podcast you will find:
Pandie’s Pagan Projects – Make your own Moon Phases – 4 Ways!
Book Corner Reviews – Shaylee reviews the book, “Bones, Shells, and Curios”
Music -“Grandmother Tree” by Mama Gina from her album, “I Remember Love”
Talking Traditions – The tables are turned! Lady Bridget interviews Alpandia about her tradition, Stregheria
Music -“Dark Goddess Medly” by Crow Women from their album, “Crow Goddess”

Life for both of the Ravens has been very hectic and in flux in many ways. Partly due to career changes, home life changes, and of course navigating the world during a pandemic.  They will return with more episodes in the near future with all-new interviews from more amazing individuals.  Until then, Happy Autumn Equinox and Merry Mabon!