Outreach Members

Looking to connect with a CoG member?  Hoping to get to know someone well enough for a letter of recommendation?  Then look no further!  The following folks are willing to reach out and get to know you better!



Celtic Circle of Wisdom in Orange County, CA ~ contact queenscott(at)aol.com

Coven Ashesh-Hekat in Los Angeles, CA ~ contact wildboarsnest(at)aol.com

Dragon’s Weyr Circle in Quartz Hill, CA ~ contact dragonsweyrcircle(at)gmail.com

Ecclasian Fellowship in San Bernardino, CA ~ contact Ecclasia1(at)aol.com

Greenheart Grove in Santa Cruz ~ contact kat_keller(at)yahoo.com

M. Macha NightMare, San Francisco Bay Area, CA ~ contact herself(at)machanightmare.com



Witch & Famous Coven in Fort Lauderdale, FL ~ contact Ladybridget(at)gmail.com

Kasha in Florida – contact iwalkonfire(at)gmail.com



Moonfire in MI ~ contact pkrose3737(at)gmail.com



Church of the Earth in St Paul, MN ~ contact gary.lingen(at)gmail.com



Grove of Gaia in PA ~ contact groveofgaia(at)gmail.com



Lord Golden Oak in Austin, TX ~ contact hernehunt3(at)aol.com

Our Lady of the Trinity in Bedford, TX ~ contact emeraldazur(at)gmail.com

MD Talyn Ray in Garland, TX ~ contact mdhray31(at)gmail.com

Faelind in TX ~ contact linda_m8(at)swbell.net



Katana in Olympia, WA ~ contact kat_keller(at)yahoo.com