Merry Part: A Collection of Neo-Pagan Funeral Rites

I would like to dedicate this work to Cathy Watson whose memory still inspires me.

Our Neo-Pagan religious traditions teach us that death and life are linked together. A time will come when we have to bid our loved ones goodbye.

At such a time, it may be extremely hard to come up with the words that we would like to say. Words that not only pay honor to the person and his or her beliefs, but also open the gates of healing for those left behind.

These pages are written by a CoG minister primarily for clergy officiating at a Neo-Pagan funerals.  However anyone that feels the materials might prove useful is encouraged to look at them. This guide offers ideas that address the needs of the ever-growing Neo-Pagan community. It is divided in two parts. The first part is a set of ritual outlines and examples based on modern Neo-Pagan traditions. This section is inspired by my own Wiccan practices, with the hope that other Neo-Pagans will be encouraged to adapt them to their own traditions. The second part is an overview of funeral rites performed by our Pagan ancestors, offering ideas on how we might adapt these practices for modern use.

I expect that the ceremonies you will create will differ from the examples given here. Thus, I offer ideas and example ceremonies to adapt or use as you will.

Many Wiccans end their rituals with the words, ‘Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.’ I hope that these rites will provide comfort as you wish someone ‘Merry part.’


I would like to acknowledge the following people, for being there in this work as in so many other parts of my life, I am truly grateful. Monica Di Franco, Jennifer Orff, Tom Henke, and Running Fox.

     ~ Andrea Joy Kendall


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