Over the Moon by Amber KOver the Moon

The Over the Moon Award is intended for elementary school aged children (7-11), who are active in Wicca or another pagan or Earth-based religions.  It has been designed to be appropriate as a religious award for Scouts, but can also be earned by any other child who is interested in the program.  A child using this program will need an adult mentor.  A priest or priestess of the appropriate faith, chosen by the parents or even the parents themselves can serve as mentors.  Children may work toward the award either alone or in a group.

Over the Moon Religious Award



Hart and Crescent by Amber KThe Hart and Crescent

The Hart and Crescent Award is intended for young people ages 11 to 17, who are active in Wicca or another pagan or nature-oriented faith.  Though it was originally designed for those in Scouting, it may be earned by youth who are not Scouts as well.  Although the term “Wicca” and other Wiccan terminology are used throughout the instruction booklet, the requirements may be adapted for other nature oriented faiths.

The Hart and Crescent Religious Award and to Adult Counselor Guide


MilMilitary Service Awarditary Service Award

Covenant of the Goddess awards its own Military Service Award each year during its annual business meeting (Grand Council).  The current award was designed by longtime member Amber K in 2012.  This medal serves to honor those men and women who have chosen to place themselves in harm’s way for our right to worship as we choose by serving in the military.

The starred red, white and blue ribbon portion represents the country that we have stood for.  The silver medal emblazoned with the pentacle stands for all Witches and Wiccans that have served before and will continue to serve after, honoring the Old Gods and their country.


Award of HonorAward of Honor

Established in 2014, the Award of Honor is given for outstanding service to the greater Pagan and Heathen communities in areas such as religious rights, international peace, environmental protection, interfaith leadership and education, the creation of lasting institutions, and the promotion of social justice and civil rights.  It seeks to recognize those people who serve at the regional, national and international levels, whether or not they are members of Covenant of the Goddess.  This award shall not be given for service to political parties, nor withheld on the basis of a candidate’s political affiliations.