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This is a special day for anyone who trains or teaches others, in person or online. Some of Ardantane’s very best, most experienced faculty will share techniques for creating great learning experiences. Among many topics: Where to Begin Class Design; The Importance of Hooks; Teaching to Three Levels of Self, Participatory and Experiential Learning Activities; Sensing and Using Energy; Working with Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners; Beyond Knowledge to Skills and Attitudes, and Behaviors; and much, much more. Led by Amber K, who spent her career as a trainer for many government agencies and corporate entities, she always aims to make courses fun, student-centered, and informative.

This is an all day program, starting at 9AM and ending at 5PM. with a break for lunch.

One past student said, “I have a Master’s in Teaching, but learned more from this class about HOW to teach than I ever did in school!”



Aug 26 2023


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Aug 26 - 27 2023
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 1:00 am



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  • Amber K
    Amber K
    Author & Executive Director of Ardantane

    Amber K was not trained in the Craft at her grandmother’s knee, and does not come from a long line of hereditary Witches.

    In 1978, she joined the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago, and received her initiation and ordination there. She has worked with Circle, New Earth Circle, and The Pool of Bast, and helped found the Coven of Our Lady of the Woods (OLW) and the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca. She has served as Publications Officer and National First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, and taught in the Cella (priestess) training program of RCG, a national Dianic network.

    Amber is the author of True Magick, Covencraft, and other books on the Craft and magick including co-writing Candlemas with Azrael K, The Heart of Tarot, and the award-winning RitualCraft. She is also the Executive Director of Ardantane, Dean of the School of Pagan Leadership, and a Blessed Beavers Coordinator.

    She is married to Azrael Arynn K, and has a son, Starfire. Amber’s interests include mountains and forests, dolphins, travel, science fiction, collecting large antique keys, art, reading, and all things magickal. Her role models include Doreen Valiente, Lao Tse, Xena the Warrior Princess, and Snoopy.

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