Pagan Spirituality: Ancient Roots and Modern Branches

Welcome to Ardantane’s School of Pagan Spirituality!  In this course you will have the opportunity to discover the breadth and depth of Pagan Spirituality around the world and across time.  Within our explorations, we will examine what Spirituality is, who Pagans are, what spirituality means to Pagans in a variety of communities as well as what it means to each of us personally.

This five week class will be held Thursdays in March, starting on March 2. The cost is $125. Supporting members of Ardantane receive a 20% discount by using the code member20 at registration.

We will also inquire of various Pagan traditions and life ways: What spiritual practices have permeated these traditions and the cultures within which they are expressed? Where and what are the similarities, the patterns and the differences which exist among them?

Throughout our exploration and inquiries, we will develop an understanding and the ability to discuss and apply such concepts of esoteric thought as ritual, prayer, theurgy, religion, thaumaturgy, alchemy, religious expression – concepts that can inform and shape our own spiritual knowledge and practices.



Mar 02 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Mar 03 2023
  • Time: 3:00 am - 5:00 am








  • Moonbeam Mage
    Moonbeam Mage
    Astrologer and Ardantane Faculty

    Moonbeam Mage caught a glimpse of the path that might be some twenty-five years ago. Fifteen years ago she heard herself asserting that she was on that path, and has solidly placed one foot after the other upon it since. In 2010 she found Ardantane and began her pursuit of all that formal training in the Craft could offer. In 2014, she received the Ardantane Level Three, Master of Magick and Witchcraft Certificate.

    In 2010, a simultaneous inspiration brought her back to the study of Astrology. After having left the skills she developed in the 1970s unhoned, a synchronistic opportunity initiated a twofold intention: to be a Witch and an Astrologer. In 2013, she completed the Kepler College Certificate in the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology and in 2014, their Certificate: Moving the Chart in Time.

    In 2013, Moonbeam Mage taught her first course for Ardantane: Astrology for Pagans One. Since then she has continued to teach a series of Astrology courses for Ardantane, including Astrology for Pagans Two and Evolutionary Astrology for Pagans. She has also taught Astrology classes for various local venues, as well as other Craft related topics such as Crystal Allies and Herbal Magick.

    Moonbeam Mage is a first degree initiate in the Ladywood Tradition working within her Florida community to grow the Sacred Pentacle Coven of the Ladywood Tradition.

    In her mundane life, Moonbeam Mage is a Certified Interpreter for the Deaf. She has two grown children who are a constant source of pride and amazement. Her spouse of 30 plus years is the quintessential loyal Leo and the light of her life.

    She received her training as an Interpreter at Gallaudet University and later received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Linguistics as well as her Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Maine.

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